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The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Eighth Annual Collection
Edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Summation 1994: Fantasy - Terri Windling
Summation 1994: Horror - Ellen Datlow
Horror and Fantasy in the Media: 1994 - Edward Bryant
Comics 1994 - Will Shetterly and Emma Bull
Transmutations - Patricia A. McKillip
Bottom's Dream (poem) - Rachel Wetzsteon
La Promsesa - Lero Quintana
Aweary of the Sun - Gregory Feeley
A Wheel in the Desert, The Moon on Some Swings - Jonathan Carroll
Who Will Love the River God? - Emily Newland
Brothers - Joyce Carol Oates
Subsoil - Nicholson Baker
Elivs's Bathroom - Pagan Kennedy
Yet Another Poisoned Apple for the Fairy Princess - A.R. Morlan
The Big Game - Nicholas Royle
Buenaventura and the Fifteen Sisters - Margarita Engle
De Natura Unicorni - Jane Yolen
Blue Motel - Ian McDonald
A Friend Indeed - David Garnett
Sometimes, in the Rain - Charles Grant
Rain Falls - Michael Marshall Smith
That Old School Tie - Jack Womack
Animals Behind Bars! - Scott Bradfield
Monuments to the Dead - Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Unterseeboot Doktor - Ray Bradbury
Young Woman in a Garden - Delia Sherman
The Man in the Black Suit - Stephen King
"In the Tradition..." (essay) - Michael Swanwick
Words Like Pale Stones - Nancy Kress
Marchen (poem) - Jane Yolen
Giants in the Earth - Dale Bailey
A Conflagration Artist - Bradley Denton
Report - Carme Riera
The Village of the Mermaids (poem) - John Bradley
--And the Horses Hiss At Midnight - A.R. Morlan
The Entreaty of the Wiideema - Barry Lopez
White Chapel - Douglas Clegg
The Stone Woman (poem) - Linda Weasel Head
Coyote Stories - Charles de Lint
The Box - Jack Ketchum
A Fear of Dead Things - Andrew Klavan
He Unwraps Himself (poem) - Darrell Schweitzer
Chandira - Brian Mooney
Fever - Harlan Ellison
The Best Things in Life - Lenora Champagne
Mending Souls - Judith Tarr
The Ocean and All Its Devices - William Browning Spencer
Strings - Kelley Eskridge
Superman's Diary - B. Brandon Barker
Isobel Avens Returns to Stepney in the Spring - M. John Harrison
The Sisterhood of Night - Steven Millhauser
Winter Bodies - Noy Holland
The Sloan Men - David Nickle
Is That Them? - Kevin Roice
The Kingdom of Cats and Birds - Geoffrey A. Landis
Angel Combs - Steve Rasnic Tem
Snow, Glass, Apples - Neil Gaiman
Honorable Mentions: 1994

Leigh Kimmel
Wendy Kosak

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