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The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Seventh Annual Collection
Edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Summation 1993: Fantasy - Terri Windling
Comics 1993 - Will Shetterly and Emma Bull
Summation 1993: Horror - Ellen Datlow
Horror and Fantasy in the Media: 1993 - Edward Bryant
The Poacher - Ursula K. Le Guin
England Underway - Terry Bisson
The Woman in the Painting - Lisa Goldstein
The Daemon Street Ghost-Trap - Terry Dowling
Memo for Freud (poem) - Daina Chaviano
The Sunday-Go-To-Meeting Jaw - Nancy A. Collins
Breath - Adam Corbin Fusco
Knives (poem) - Jane Yolen
Mrs. Jones - Carol Emshwiller
Snow Man - John Coyne
One Night, or Scherherazade's Bare Minimum - Thomas M. Disch
Dead Man's Shoes - Charles de Lint
The Lodger - Fred Chappell
The Erl-King - Elizabeth Hand
The Chrysanthemum Spirit - Osamu Dazai
Angel - Mary Ellis
The Taking of Mr. Bill - Graham Masterton
The Saint - Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Cottage - Bruce McAllister
Doodles - Steve Rasnic Tem
Dying in Bangkok - Dan Simmons
Prisoners of the Royal Weather (poem) - Bruce Boston
The Snow Queen - Patricia A. McKillip
Troll-Bridge - Neil Gaiman
The Storyteller - Rafik Schami
Rice and Milk - Rosario Ferre
Ridi Bobo - Robert Devereaux
Playing with Fire - Ellen Kushner
Later - Michael Marshall Smith
Distances - Sherman Alexie
Crash Cart - Nancy Holder
Some Strange Desire - Ian McDonald
The Dog Park - Dennis Etchison
Wooden Druthers - E.R. Stewart
Inscription - Jane Yolen
In Camera - Robert Westall
The Wealth of Kingdoms (An Inflationary Tale) - Daniel Hood
The Crucian Pit - Nicholas Royle
The Ecology of Reptiles - John Coyne
The Last Crossing - Thomas Tessier
Small Adjustments - Caila Rossi
Precious - Roberta Lannes
Susan - Harlan Ellison
Freud at Thirty Paces - Sara Paretsky
If Angels At Apples (poem) - Geoffrey A. Landis
Exogamy - John Crowley
The Princess Who Kicked Butt - Will Shetterly
The Apprentice - Miriam Grace Monfredo
Alvyta (A Lithuanian Fairy Tale) - O.V. de L. Milosz
The Pig Man - Augustine Bruins Funnell
Tattoo - A.R. Morlan
Lady of the Skulls - Patricia A. McKillip
To Scale - Nancy Kress
Roar at the Heart of the World - Danith McPherson
Honorable Mentions: 1993


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