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The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Tenth Annual Collection
Edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Summation 1996: Fantasy - Terri Windling
Summation 1996: Horror - Ellen Datlow
Horror and Fantasy in the Media: 1996 - Edward Bryant
Comics 1996 - Seth Johnson
Obituaries - James Frenkel
The Last Rainbow - Parke Godwin
Lily's Whisper - Jay Russell
The Reason For Not Going to the Ball - Tanith Lee
Among the Handlers - Michael Bishop
The Phantom Church - Ana Blandiana
The Snow Pavilion - Angela Carter
Birthdream (poem) - Laurie Kutchins
Disillusion - Edward Bryant
Diana of the Hundred Breasts - Robert Silverberg
La Llorona - Yxta Maya Murray
Teatro Grottesco - Thomas Ligotti
The Secret Shih Tan - Graham Masterton
In the Matter of the Ukdena - Bruce Holland Rogers
O, Rare and Most Exquisite - Douglas Clegg
Never Seen by Waking Eyes - Stephen Dedman
Walking the Dog - Terry Lamsley
The Goatboy and the Giant - Garry Kilworth
Gourd (poem) - Olive Senior
The Phoenix - Isobelle Carmody
Caribe Magico - Gabriel Garcia Marquez
The Witch's Heart - Delia Sherman
Plumas - Patricia Preciado Martin
Crow Girls - Charles de Lint
Rapunzel's Exile - Lisa Russ Spaar
The Witches of Junket - Patricia A. McKillip
The Cruel Countess - Chris Bell
Little Beauty's Wedding - Chang Hwang
Eaten (Scenes from a Moving Picture) (poem) - Neil Gaiman
Angel - Philip Graham
Elk Man (poem) - Amy Breau
Beckoning Nightframe - Terry Dowling
The Dead Cop - Dennis Etchison
Ursus Trian, Later - Kathe Koja and Barry N. Malzberg
JFK Secretely Attends Jackie Auction - Robert Olen Butler
...Warmer - A.R. Morlan
Not Waving - Michael Marshall Smith
The Ladies of Grace Adieu - Susanna Clarke
Wilderness - Ron Hansen
Oshkiwiinag: Heartlines on the Trickster Express - Gerald Vizenor
Persephone Sets the Record Straight - Shara McCallum
Cruel Sisters - Patricia C. Wrede
The House of Seven Angels - Jane Yolen
Radio Waves - Michael Swanwick
Honorable Mentions: 1996

Steven H. Silver
Lucy Snyder

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