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The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Third Annual Collection
Edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Summation 1989: Fantasy - Terri Windling
Summation 1989: Horror - Ellen Datlow
Horror and Fantasy on the Screen - Edward Bryant
The Edge of the World - Michael Swanwick
The Edder - Fred Chappell
Cat in Glass - Nancy Etchemendy
Monsters, Tearing Off My Face - Rory Harper
Family - Joyce Carol Oates
A Dirge for Clowntown - James Powell
Miss Carstairs and the Merman - Delia Sherman
Unknown Things - Reginald Bretnor
Return to the Mutant Rain Forest (poem) - Bruce Boston and Robert Frazier
Date with a Bird - Tatyana Tolstaya
Them Bald-Headed Snays - Joseph A. Citro
A Sad Last Love at the Diner of the Damned - Edward Bryant
Hanging the Fool - Michael Moorcock
Hansel's Finger - Leif Enger
Dogfaerie - Garry Kilworth
A Bird That Whistles - Emma Bull
The Walled Garden - Lisa Tuttle
Varicose Worms - Scott Baker
The War with Things - Leszek Kolakowski
The Faery Flag - Jane Yolen
Souls Tied to the Knots on a Leather Cord - Zhaxi Dawa
The Illusionist - Steven Millhauser
Timeskip - Charles de Lint
Something Passed By - Robert R. McCammon
Self-Portrait Mixed Media on Pavement, 1988 - Dan Daly
The Plane Tree and the Fountain - Michael de Larrabeiti
White as Sin, Now - Tanith Lee
The Power and the Passion - Pat Cadigan
Jack Straw - Midori Snyder
The Sudd - J.N. Williamson
Mr. Fiddlehead - Jonathan Carroll
Shave and a Haircut, Two Bites - Dan Simmons
Cinema Altere - Andrew Stephenson
Matters of Family - Gary A. Braunbeck
Beauty and the Beast: An Anniversary (poem) - Jane Yolen
Find Me - Joan Aiken
Unidentified Objects - James P. Blaylock
Meeting the Author - Ramsey Campbell
The Lovers - Gwyneth Jones
Your Skin's Jes's Soft 'n Purty...He Said (Page 243) - Chet Williamson
Dori Bangs - Bruce Sterling
The Steel Valentine - Joe R. Lansdale
Equilibrium - John Shirley
Time Lapse (poem) - Joe Haldeman
White Noise - Garry Kilworth
Terrible Kisses - Robley Wilson
Sleepside Story - Greg Bear
Honorable Mentions: 1989


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