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The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Twelfth Annual Collection
Edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Summation 1998: Fantasy - Terri Windling
Summation 1998: Horror - Ellen Datlow
Horror and Fantasy in the Media: 1998 - Edward Bryant
Comics: 1998 - Seth Johnson
Obituaries: 1998 - James Frenkel
Travels with the Snow Queen - Kelly Link
Running Dogs - Steve Duffy
Wiglaf (poem) - Marisa de los Santos
Mrs. Mabb - Susanna Clarke
Due West - Rick Kennett
Kokopelli (poem) - Catharine Savage Brosman
Taking Loup - Bruce Glassco
The Evil Within - Sara Douglass
Wile E. Coyote's Lament (poem) - Larry Fontenot
The Rainmaker - Mary Rosenblum
A Place to Stay - Michael Marshall Smith
The Fantasma of Q_______ - Lisa Goldstein
Hoopa, the White Deer Dance - Ralph Salisbury
That Feeling, You Can Only Say What It Is in French - Stephen King
The Travails - Karen Joy Fowler
Suburban Blight - Terry Lamsley
Inside the Cackle Factory - Dennis Etchison
The House of the Black Cat - Kurahashi Yumiko
Every Angel Is Terrifying - John Kessel
Shoggoth's Old Peculiar - Neil Gaiman
Great Sedna - Lawrence Osgood
The Bird Chick - Sylvia Brownrigg
Psyche - Mark W. Tiedmann
Mrs. Beast (poem) - Carol Ann Duffy
Become a Warrior - Jane Yolen
Blackbirds - Norman Partridge
Carp Man - Nick DiChario
The Faerie Cony-catcher - Delia Sherman
At the River of Crocodiles (poem) - Zan Ross
Clair de Lune - Steven Millhauser
The Rose of Paracelsus - Jorge Luis Borges
Mr. Clubb and Mr. Cuff - Peter Straub
Revenge - Michael Blumlein
The Tall, Upheaving One (poem) - Holly Prado
Oak Hill - Patricia A. McKillip
Jackdaw Jack - Christopher Harman
Dark Moon (poem) - Sarah Corbett
The Death of the Duke - Ellen Kushner
Hershel - Judy Budnitz
By the Time We Get to Uranus - Ray Vukcevich
The Specialist's Hat - Kelly Link
Twa Corbies - Charles de Lint
Jenny Come to Play - Terry Dowling
Blimunda - Ilan Stavans
Mrs. Dumpty (poem) - Chana Bloch
Cold - A.S. Byatt
Honorable Mentions: 1998

Charlene Brusso
Cat Eldridge
Paula Guran
Leigh Kimmel
Donna Scanlon

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