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The first time I encountered The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror series, I was in high school and I was on a sci-fi and fantasy kick. The anthology looked interesting in a sort of "glance at the cover" kind of way, but after I borrowed it (being the eighth edition, I believe) from the library, I never really got around to reading it except for a page here or there. Perhaps, looking back on it, I was more enamored with the covers by Thomas Canty than in the rich words within. I still think the covers designed for this anthology series are gorgeous pieces of art, but now I'm a little more serious about reading the stories that Windling and Datlow have collected.

I've started collecting these books a couple years ago. If you look hard enough, you can get these volumes at fairly good prices and in good condition at the bargain aisle or at a used bookstore. Of course, if you're not a poor college student like me, you can splurge and get new or almost new editions. I'll have to warn you though, the older editions have become quite collectable and you might have to pay more for them than you initially expected.

The main purpose of this site is to offer information about The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror series. This is completely unofficial. I wanted to make a place in the web that was solely focused on these books because I just got fed up with going to various sites that didn't distinguish between the editions and didn't mention what stories or authors a particular volume contained.

So if you happen to have stumbled onto this site and have any suggestions for improvement, corrections, or a link to a page about this anthology series, don't hesitate to drop me a line. I know I'll never be the definitive source but here's to trying.

-- S. Y. Affolee, 1/12/05


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