TITLE: Ghost Coils
GENRE: fantasy mockumentary
SUMMARY: A philosophical exploration of a Bhutan that never was.



An Albion Airways passenger jet lands on the tarmac. The plane taxis towards the airport terminal. An aircraft marshal on the ground directs the plane towards a gate.

Five years ago, my father passed away. While I was going through his things after the funeral, I found a box in the attic of his house where he had kept all of my mother's things. One of the things in that box was a collection of newspaper clippings.

The scene cuts to the interior of the plane. A flight attendant smiles and tells the departing passengers to have a good day. After a few passengers deplane, the camera focuses on MONTY SALO. His clothes are travel worn and he is carrying a backpack and a copy of a book titled "Bodoanta Sunrise".

At first, I didn't see anything particularly interesting about them. They were mostly things that happened while I was a child, like the mayor got elected or when a big warehouse in the neighboring town burned down, that sort of thing. But at the very bottom of the pile, I found a very interesting clipping. It was dated to when I was born. And it was about a mass sighting of ghost light in Bodoanta.

Monty enters the airport terminal and heads to the baggage claim where he waits for his suitcase. Around him, there are passengers getting bags and meeting with relatives. Some of them are obviously Albionese with their western clothing. Others are Bodoantans, wearing brightly colored robes. Monty finally picks up his suitcase.

(to the camera)
When I was a kid, whenever I got in trouble, my parents would just shake their heads and say that I was "born under ghost light". I didn't think much about it. I just thought it was a saying. In school, we're all taught that one meaning for "ghost light" was as a term for the aurora borealis. But there is another meaning, too. And it originates here in Bodoanta where the concept of ghost light was first developed.

Monty walks out the doors of the baggage claim area and hails a taxi.

(to the camera)
And that meaning is what I'm searching for here.

copyright © 2001-2012 S. Y. Affolee